How can you become a lucky pig?

There are three options to share your luck:

Order: Pig Love                  (220,- ZAR)

Buy your copy of                                        “Boy and Pig - Cool and Wild” and the total amount spent on the book will go directly into “the Boy& Pig Project” to help less “lucky” school children in the community.


Order: Double Pig Love          (400,- ZAR)

 Buy 2 books and help double!                 You receive one copy for yourself to enjoy the funny piggy stories and we will donate the second copy to a child in the community in your name.  The whole amount will also go directly into “The Boy& Pig Project”. 

Order: Big Pig love               (1000,- ZAR)

You donate 5 books to the children in the community for them to enjoy the funny piggy stories and the money goes “The Boy& Pig Project” for the purchase of schoolbooks and leisure books for the less “lucky” children in our community.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose to support our children; in any case, you will be the “lucky pig” who will receive Piggy’s super lucky bookmark as a thank you! 

start today, share your luck and order now!


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