Please meet  Piggy and his crazy stories

Here comes Piggy

 The wildest pet in the world, with the biggest heart, comical sayings, piggishly crazy ideas, and captivating pig-logic, explains the world to you from his point of view.

Boy and Pig-cool and wild

Boy and Pig - cool and wild, is a book filled with "pig-logic" guaranteed to make you smile! No matter what your age is. 

Your purchase of Boy and Pig will help fund our journey to make reading more accessible to the less fortunate children in our valley! It will also go towards equipment for children to improve their "foot basket ball" skills!

Yes, we've set very high goals for Piggy and his boy. So join us in support by ordering your copy today! 

More about Piggy

 One thing “Piggy” knows for sure is every, absolutely every pig needs a boy! Only when a pig finds a boy and keeps him can the pig be truly happy. “Piggy" is a very happy pig because he has found the best boy in the world! But “Piggy” has a lot of work with his boy! 

He must save his boy from the clutches of "School" and bake a chocolate cake for Grandma. Instead of “lazy-dazing”, “Piggy” must also play “foot-basket-ball” and attack the unsuspecting garbage man Fritz with his deadly farts. 

When the vet “Dr. Owlmouth” puts “Piggy” on a diet, things get tight for the pig… How can “Piggy” survive without his beloved “Tutti” pizza?