the boy&pig project 

Become a lucky pig 

..and join us on a crazy, fun reading adventure in support of less fortunate children in the Franschhoek Valley-South Africa!

Sometimes all it needs is to be a little lucky...


lucky to be born into a life with a warm home, loving parents, good food, laughter in school, no worries, and open doors to become whatever you dream to be. 

But not all children are lucky, and some need a lucky pig to help them to find their luck. 

-Love and luck are the only things that grow when you share- 

You can be that lucky pig a less fortunate child may be waiting for!                                                                          

Share your luck today! Simply buy or donate a copy of the quirky new children’s book “Boy and Pig - Cool and Wild”. 

All the proceeds of book sales go towards less fortunate children in our valley in the form of “the Boy&Pig Project” in aid of "Bhabhathane" school project , a Franschhoek schools initiative to uplift learning and support children with schoolbooks and fun books to enhance their reading abilities and give them a broader outlook on life. 


 Our Vision

Reading isn´t only fun but it's crucial to you and all children, as reading opens a door to the world of knowledge and your reading competencies will determine a big part in your future success! 

Unfortunately, many of the South African public schools do not have enough money for urgently needed school books and there is often a lack of teachers, big classes, and too few reading role models for the children.
Therefore, reading books is not a matter of course, but is often still a "luxury" of the wealthier sections of the population with private school education. "The boy and pig project" wants to change that and stands for more equal chances through better reading abilities. 

We want to contribute to a brighter future and the self-determination of all children.

Make a difference

 "The boy & pig project" would like to emphasize the importance of reading and encourage less fortunate children in their reading abilities by donating the entire proceeds of the children's book "Boy and Pig-cool and wild" to "Bhabhathane school project", a Franschhoek schools initiative to uplift learning and support less fortunate school children in the Franschhoek Valley/South Africa with school books, fun books. We also donate copies of "Boy and pig-cool and wild" for the children to enjoy.

the boy&pig project-

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